In May 2015 the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges & Faculties in Scotland (the ‘Scottish Academy’) published a report on ‘Learning from Serious Failings in Care’. This reviewed the reports on failings experienced in Mid Staffordshire, Lanarkshire, Vale of Leven and Aberdeen and made a series of recommendations regarding how the NHS in Scotland could learn from these failings and prevent recurrence.

While reviewing this area, it became clear that poor team working and engagement between managers and clinicians had been recurring factors and contributed to these failings. Recognising the need to consider how we could best collectively address these deficiencies, the Scottish Academy convened a high-level evening meeting in October 2015. Invited stakeholders included NHS Board Chairs, Chief Executives, Medical Directors, representatives of the Royal Colleges and other related medical and nursing organisations including NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland and RCN Scotland. The report and evening meeting, conducted under Chatham House rules, provided a catalyst for change and for progressing our aim of delivering the highest possible quality of care.

Reflecting the need for managers and clinicians to work more effectively together, and our desire to lead by example, the Scottish Academy partnered with the Scottish Institute of Health Management and agreed to convene two events with the support of the Good Governance Institute under the ‘Prevention through Learning’ banner – the first in a series of workshops for NHS Board Non-Executive Directors (31 October 2016) and a related National Stakeholder Meeting (11 November 2016). This work stream is on-going, with further events to be announced shortly.

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