The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland - known as the "Scottish Academy" - contributes to improvements in the health of the people of Scotland by the promotion and co-ordination of the work of the Medical Royal College and Faculties and giving the medical professions a collective voice on clinical and professional issues.

The main objectives of the Scottish Academy include:

  • To ensure patient safety is maximised by maintaining and improving standards within the profession

  • To provide a co-ordinated voice from the specialties in relation to education, training, clinical standards and effectiveness and research and quality which are supported and promoted by all constituent members.

  • To co-ordinate and exchange expertise across the Colleges and Faculties in all areas of training, medical education and revalidation

  • To support improved medical workforce planning in Scotland to recruit and retain the highest quality doctors

  • For more detail of the aims and objectives of the Scottish Academy click here


Scottish Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group

The Scottish Academy Trainee Doctors' Group (SATDG) comprises trainee doctor representatives from all specialities and junior doctor bodies in Scotland.  The SATDG provides trainee input to the work of the Scottish Academy and a coordinated trainee voice on education, training, clinical quality and other matters affecting doctors in Scotland.  They welcome further opportunities to contribute and can be contacted via the Scottish Academy.


Scottish Academy Board Meetings 2023

  • Wednesday 1 February (RCPE)
  • Wednesday 14 June (RCPE)
  • Wednesday 11 October (RCPE)
  • Wednesday 6 December (RCPE)

Meetings start at 10:00 and finish at 13:00. Lunch is available after the meeting.