Please find a statement below from Chair of the Scottish Academy, Dr Miles Mack, and Chair of BMA Scotland, Dr Lewis Morrison:

"There is real concern that political parties are raising unrealistic public expectations of the potential activity of  NHS in Scotland in the run up to the Holyrood election, without establishing how to create the capacity to deliver on these promises, especially in the timescales being talked about.

 “We fully support the need to urgently address the healthcare needs of patients whose assessment, investigation or treatment may have been paused or delayed as a result of the pandemic, and will of course be continuing to do our very best to do this. However this needs to be supported by an increase in capacity and workforce.

"And we cannot ignore the health and wellbeing of NHS staff who are already under severe pressure due to COVID-19 and suffering the physical and mental impact that this has had.

“In the final weeks of campaigning and when the new Scottish Government is formed, communication with the public must be realistic, and the delivery of services must be balanced with our current capacity and developed in association with NHS Scotland, the BMA, the Scottish Academy and Royal Colleges and other organisations in a position to advise on what is achievable”.