Scottish Academy and BMA joint statement on post-COVID health service recovery

Please find a statement below from Chair of the Scottish Academy, Dr Miles Mack, and Chair of BMA Scotland, Dr Lewis Morrison:

"There is real concern that political parties are raising unrealistic public expectations of the potential activity of  NHS in Scotland in the run up to the Holyrood election, without establishing how to create the capacity to deliver on these promises, especially in the timescales being talked about.

Developing Situation Means We Must Vaccinate As Many People As Possible, As Soon As Possible Say Top Doctors

Media statement

4 January 2021

Members of the Scottish Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties have welcomed plans to update the immunisation programme against COVID-19 to ensure that the vaccine is delivered to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This new plan will be supported by immunising more people with a first dose of the available vaccine before returning to deliver a second top-up dose. This change is based on a review of the clinical evidence of both vaccines.

The NHS in Scotland after the COVID Surge: Now and Next Year

Following a letter to all NHS Scotland Board CEs and relevant stakeholders, and a subsequent meeting with Scottish Government officials and BMA Scotland representatives (19 May),  Scottish Academy was invited (along with BMA Scotland) to set out the issues, concerns, suggestions and observations as the NHS builds back capacity to deal with urgent and routine health care whilst continuing to operate safely in the context of Covid-19.