Scottish Academy Representatives


Office Bearers


                                                          Dr Miles Mack, Royal College of General Practitioners

Vice Chair

                                                          Professor Andrew Elder, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Vice Chair

                                                          Professor Mike Griffin, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Honorary Secretary

                                                          Dr Daphne Varveris, Royal College of Anaesthetists



Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Dr Sue Blair

Faculty of Public Health

Dr Julie Cavanagh & Dr John O'Dowd

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Dr Daphne Varveris

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Dr John Thomson

Royal College of General Practitioners

Dr Dave Shackles & Dr Chris Williams

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology

Dr Kirsty Dundas & Dr Alastair Campbell

Royal College of Ophthalmologists


Royal College of Pathologists

Dr Bernie Croal

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow      

Mr Mike McKirdy

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Dr Andy Elder

Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland

Dr Linda Findlay

Royal College of Radiologists

Dr Nazia Mohammed

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Professor Mike Griffin

RCPCH Scottish Committee

Dr Steve Turner

Trainee Representative- SATDG Chair

Dr Francis Robertson & Dr Tina Ryan

Lay Member

Professor Alan Paterson



BMA Scottish Council Chair

BMA Scotland, National Director

BMA, Scottish GP Committee

                                           Dr Lewis Morrison

                                           Dr Jill Vickerman

                                           Dr Andrew Buist

GMC Head of Scotland

                                           Nicola Cotter

HIS, Medical Director

                                           Dr Simon Watson

NES, Acting CEO

NES Acting Medical Director

NES Postgraduate Dean

NES Postgraduate Dean

                                           Professor Stewart Irvine

                                           Professor Rowan Parks

                                           Professor Alastair McLellan

                                           Professsor Adam Hill

Scottish Government, CMO

Deputy CMO      

Deputy CMO

                                           Dr Gregor Smith

                                           Dr Nicola Steedman

                                           Dr Graham Ellis

Northern Ireland (Observer)

                                           Dr Hamish Courtney